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Bob Merriman

Force Impact Technologies
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Industry: Health, Fitness, Wellness


Force Impact Technologies has created an impact detection and analysis platform. It all starts with our smart mouthguard, the FITGuard, which measures the force of an impact and illuminates color-coded LEDs to provide an instant, visual, indication on the amount of force measured. From there, data is sent to our FITApp where parents and coaches can review a log of impacts over the course of a game, week, or even full season. Finally, data is sent to our cloud database for analysis.

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Bob Merriman, co-founder:  MBA from Arizona State University, black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, life long athlete, concerned parent, resident devil's advocate.

Anthony Gonzales, co-founder:  MBA from Arizona State University, brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, former collegiate rugby player, lifelong athlete, resident proposer of insanely unrealistic ideas (that occasionally pan out...I told you so, Bob)

John Kasha, CTO:  hardware and software engineer extraordinaire, experience taking nearly a dozen products from ideation to market, holder of numerous patents in the fields of music, recording, and other various technologies, patience is constantly tested by having to explain things to Bob and Anthony over and over again 

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