• What is MakerSource.io

    MakerSource is an online community and directory of services for start-ups and makers. It is designed to enable a start-up to find the resources they need to successfully bring their products to market. The site provides thought leadership about a variety of topics from technology to business.

  • How is Avnet Involved?

    Avnet is hosting the site for the Startup community and helping to bring new Service Providers to the community.

  • How can Service Providers participate?

    Sign-up for participation is free on the site. Simply choose the “Join Now” button and fill out the necessary information about your company. You can start participating in the discovery section by adding blogs, videos, and white papers. As a Service Provider, you can also join in the forum community.

    There will be some new premium features being added shortly after launch so stay tuned for more details on those.

  • How can Makers/start-ups participate?

    Sign-up for participation is free on the site. Simply choose “Sign-up” and fill out the information. You can use your Linked-In account to populate the necessary info if you choose.

    As a Startups, you can add your project or idea on the site. You can make it public, private or viewable to only service providers.

    Participate in the community, ask and answer questions, learn new things in the Discover section.

    Reach out to partners by contacting them on their profile pages.

    Keep track of all your activities on your dashboard.

  • What types of services are offered?

    There are a variety of service provider you can engage with on MakerSource. Everything from accountants, lawyers, contract manufacturers, marketing firms, angel investors, etc. If there is some type of resource you cannot find, let us know and we will research some for you.

  • Missing Industry/Service

    There is a ‘contact us’ link in the footer. Just shoot us an email and we will get it added to the site.

  • Online comments policy

    We welcome online comments and interaction on our Discussion and Discovery forum and encourage the discussions that take place. However, comments and questions are not subject to a verification process. Ideas expressed in the comments are those of the original author and do not reflect the views of MakerSource.

    Online comments should be focused on the subject matter being discussed. We do ask for you to be logged in when you post a comment, but only your name will be visible to the public. Please do not leave personal information such as your home telephone number or address in your comment.

    If you're ready to submit some feedback about a specific service provider, write a review on the partners profile page.

    Please be courteous and respectful when addressing others. You are prohibited from posting comments that may be considered to be unlawful, harassing, libelous, abusive, threatening, obscene, profane, hateful, offensive, harmful, vulgar, distasteful, defamatory, invasive of another’s privacy or proprietary rights, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable. Any posts violating these rules will be promptly removed.

    Any violation of this Online Comments Policy may result in the revocation of your future access to online forums.

  • Accepted Payment Methods

    We accept the following forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover

  • How do Service Providers Receive Ratings?

    Service Providers are reviewed after a Startup submits feedback. The rating system we used is based on 5 stars to grade the quality of the Startup experience with the Partner.

    We only want reviews from Startup that have actually used the Service Providers services. It is up to the Startup on whether or not they choose to leave feedback.

    Service Provider can’t change their rating. They can, however, respond to the comments on their profile page.

  • Login Trouble Guide

    To login to your profile, visit www.MakerSource.io and click the gray Log In button in the top, right hand corner of your screen. In the Log In area, enter your full email address and password.

    If you're having any troubles getting signed in, we are here to help and we apologize for the frustration. Drop us an email from the ‘contact us’ tab and we will contact you to help you out.

    If you need to reset your password, please verify that you are entering your full email address and password. Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters and must include one number, one uppercase and one lowercase letter, and one select special character. (@%\/''!$^?:,(){}[]~-_). The password should not contain spaces. Keep in mind that if these fields are pre-filled by your browser, they may have been saved incorrectly. If you get an error message, please clear both of these fields and retype your login information.

  • How do I Update My Profile Information?

    To update your contact information on your profile, click on your dashboard in the upper right corner. Select Edit Profile on your profile page. Edit your new information and select Save when finished.

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