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Force Impact Technologies has created an impact detection and analysis platform. It all starts with our smart mouthguard, the FITGuard, which measures the force of an impact and illuminates color-coded LEDs to provide an instant, visual, indication on the amount of force measured. From there, data is sent to our FITApp where parents and coaches can review a log of impacts over the course of a game, week, or even full season. Finally, data is sent to our cloud database for analysis.

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Everything we do, we do because we believe in keeping athletes safer, without fundamentally altering the sports themselves.

Sports are so valuable for kids, aside from the life lessons that come with winning, losing, and learning the value of hard work, there's also the fact that it's getting harder and harder to get kids away from screens and moving around.

While some sports/activities come with a higher degree of risk, we don't believe that any sport is inherently dangerous.  Our goal is to provide parents, atheltes, and coaches with quantitative data that will allow them to make informed decisions about head health. 

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