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About Us

About Us

Our baseline, ‘creative exploration for disruptive solution‘·, explains that we are enthusiast about new ideas with a careful focus on going to the market with it. We are very confortable with chaotic phases when the product is not defined and we need to look to alternative or different solutions.

Our process is following a standard Product Creation Process and we try to choose simple solutions and optimize to minimize cost and risk.

Jean-Marc, the owner, is passionate about transforming ideas into concrete products.

With extensive experience in product manufacturing at Philips, he worked at the edge of traditional design, creating and industrializing innovative products that are used worldwide today.

Jean-Marc has been working in electronics for 25 years and in that time has developed a broad, multidisciplinary knowledge, including light, energy, audio and sensing.

  • What we do:
  • Technical creativity 
  • Product architecture and optimization
  • From Idea to Industrialization (Product Creation Process)
    • Requirement analysis
    • Schematic and design
    • Layout and production transfer
    • Product cost reduction 
    • Mechanical design and prototype 

Services We Offer

  • Hardware/Electronic Design Services
  • Manufacturing Services

Stages We Can Help With

  • Design
  • Idea

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