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Industry: Manufacturing
Oakland, CA 94608
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About Us

About Us

We're Ponoko and we exist to unleash hardware creativity, to advance humanity.

We created Ponoko for hardware engineers at startups because making custom hardware is way too slow & expensive.

Ponoko is a cloud-to-robot laser cutting & drop shipping service that quotes, makes & delivers custom hardware parts same day, from $50 for just 1 (and 99% off for 10,000).

We're passionate about creating a world where getting started in hardware is 10x faster & less cost via a factory of the future - a digital creative workflow from idea to design to prototype to product to market.

Ponoko was created by Derek Elley and Dan Emery who wanted to empower hardware engineers to build the future & change the world.

Services We Offer

  • Manufacturing Services

Stages We Can Help With

  • DFM
  • Manufacture

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