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About Us

About Us

Our mission is to cultivate and rise entrepreneurs who are creating today’s job given access to capital, expertise, skill and talent. Why? Because it is vital for communities to level up the entrepreneurial scene organically to create and retain technology, talent and attract capital.

We provide access to capital, outsourced CFO expertise. We help you build your critical path to traction, and commercialize your technology. We keep you accountable through our mentorship and advisory boards. Our role is to augment your management team skill set and support you through that next level, where you are operationally and financially sustainable, that you can afford to hire in house the talent you need to sustain your growth.

It takes the right resources to generate consistent growth: Access to Capital, Critical Path, Outsourced CFO, Strategic Selling and Advisory Board for startup, small and medium-sized businesses.

Services We Offer

  • Accounting/Financial

Stages We Can Help With

  • Funding
  • Go To Market

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