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Anywhere Switch

Track and create custom objects like switches across a room with a camera so that one can  introduce new interaction models in IOT space !

Switches are sometimes hard to reach and many a times one is left with the longing for a switch to be much closer to reach .

Voice recognition to switch on/off an appliance is good but not really ok as you are required to continuously address the system in your voice.

Sometimes a person just wishes for a tactical feedback!.


  1. Have 2 or more IR webcams around the room which keep monitoring the room.
  2. Create a custom object .(This can be anything custom designed to even one which is designed specifically for room aesthetics )
  3. Have the system machine learn what a custom switch looks like and let the location of the switch be decided by the user .
  4. Have GPIO pins control relays which switch appliances on /off or interact with services

Due to above solution user is able to dynamically reconfigure physical location and services that the custom switches offer at will at the drop of a hat!

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