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Current Stages

  • Prototype

Odyssey Armament Training System

The Odyssey Armament Training System is a wearable device for firearms that allows users to train on their real weapons in virtual/augmented reality as well as in the field.  

The Odyssey Armament Training System is a patent pending 12 degree of freedom platform that will allow firearm users to traing on their real weapons in virtual-augmented reality as well as in the field.  The Odyssey ATS combines the latest IoT MEMS sensors, wearable computing, virtual reality motion tracking and Bluetooth LE to create a compact device that can be mounted to any type of firearm.  The Odyssey is the only system that allows the trainee to train in any combination of dryfire/liverfire in virtual, augmented, mixed and real worlds.  The system is hardened for field use under hostile weather conditions so the user will have one Go To device for all their training and field use needs.

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